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Well Testing & Service Professionals

Ameritest Inc delivers value and efficiency as a leading provider of production testing equipment, services and rentals to the oil and gas industry in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado. Ameritest Inc specializes in supplying flowback, production testing, workovers and completion operations on all types of oil and gas wells, and offers a wide range of equipment for service or rent.

Company Overview

Ameritest Inc was formed in 2008 as a premier production testing and flow back company, located in the heart of the Bakken formation in the Williston Basin. Ameritest has steadily grown to serve some of the most successful companies in the region, with expansion south into the Powder River, Uinta-Piceance, Green River and Denver-Julesburg Basins. We are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our customers with cost-effective, customized service, thorough safety regimens, a full range of tools and the right equipment and personnel for a superior outcome on the job.


Operations, and Logistics are based in our Minot, North Dakota headquarters, with our Sales office in Denver, Colorado. Field office support enables service to be extended throughout the North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Texas areas. Ameritest is committed to progress and best practices, and proud to be an active member and supporter of various industry agencies. Comprehensive, careful evaluations in conjunction with our Quality Management Systems ensure that all regulations and compliance requirements are met for equipment, safety, insurance, and certifications.


The parent company of Ameritest Inc, TestAlta Services Ltd., is based in Calgary, Alberta, and has extensive experience in Western Canada, providing expert well testing solutions, flowback, production and rental services to the oil and natural gas industry since 1999.

The Right Equipment

Ameritest Inc offers fully configurable packages and quality well service solutions to meet the particular challenges of any job. A wide selection of separator sizes and pressures, with the essential auxiliary equipment, are prepared to perform to specific requirements. Meticulous standards for maintenance, testing, and inspection enable our equipment to fulfill expectations and remain in field-ready condition at all times.

The Right People

Service is about the people who make a difference. Ameritest Inc has an experienced management and operational team that achieve and uphold high standards. Our employees are skilled, motivated, and seasoned professionals who share the same passion for performance and excellence. Ameritest Inc personnel maintain a high level of knowledge, training and qualifications, giving our customers the best service experience in our region.

The Right Results

Ameritest Inc does continual work for some of the most results-oriented customers in the Williston, Powder River and Denver-Julesburg Basins. This ongoing, repeat business illustrates how we are consistently, effectively and efficiently meeting their needs as their preferred well testing service company.  Our customers are confident in the knowledge that they can count on us to deliver and trust us to get it right.

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