Ameritest’s cost-effective and reliable operations offer the combination of quality equipment and experienced crews with competitive rates, expertise and personalized service to ensure our customers receive the right information at the right time for the right results.


Separator Options

Ameritest provides a comprehensive range of quality equipment and the technological proficiency to monitor and obtain the exact well testing measurements crucial for proper evaluation and sound decision-making. Our industry experience covers all types of wells from high pressure, critical sour wells to lower pressure sweet wells, and professional techniques in stimulation flowback, drill-outs, frac recovery, production testing and analysis, in-line tests, well cleanup, water filtration and recycling, workover, ball recovery, completions and abandonments.

Our Field operations are supported by a solid product line of certified separators and tanks, designed to effectively handle the different stages of oil and gas separation and supported by our QA/QC programs and maintenance to ensure reliability and performance. We provide pressure vessels in portable and skid mounted configurations, with the necessary assortment of auxiliary equipment, including: a wide variety of High & Low Stage 4 Phase Separators, Flow Iron, Manifolds, Storage Tanks, Junk Catchers, Sand Traps, Flare Stacks, Office Trailers, Light Towers, Generators, Open Top Tanks, Water Recirculation & Filtration equipment, and Communication packages.



Flow Back and Completions

Frac flowback and well stimulation activities occur with the fracturing of a well, when all the fluids that have been introduced return to the surface. Specialized separation equipment rigged into the well head then sorts the different emissions, with careful management through each phase of the process. Liquid effluents (water, oil and gas) are divided into their individual streams, separated from any sand and debris, and well data is collected. Timely and precise knowledge of flow rates, fluid properties, pressures and temperature readings is key to the process of identifying and appraising reservoir potential.

Ameritest utilizes a variety of quality-controlled production testing equipment that fits the purpose of each individual job, with the appropriate sizes and pressure ratings for optimal efficiency and reliable results. This precision enables an accurate assessment of well activity and viability, leading to improved management of asset performance and increased productivity in the field.



Health, Safety & Environment

Ameritest has a strong focus on Health, Safety and the Environment, exemplified by our goal to continually improve our year-over-year performance statistics. Our HSE policies are integrated into Company culture at every level, from management to employees and contractors, each with the understanding of their roles and joint obligations.  Participation and responsibility are communicated and coordinated amid clear expectations, with accountability a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Safeguarding the health and welfare of our personnel, those with whom we work, and protecting the public is of paramount importance. We are constantly working to ensure proper care and stewardship of the environment in which we are all stakeholders. This duty to respect and protect, while handling and reducing the many and varied risks we may encounter, is fundamental to how we conduct our business.

Ameritest manages these converging priorities while maintaining a high caliber of service and diligently accomplishing quality work.  Throughout, we remain true to distinguished HSE principles and proven practices, which enhance our ability to generate better outcomes for our valued customers.



To achieve optimum results within a solid HSE framework, Ameritest conducts regular evaluations in addition to internal and external audits. We are in compliance with the most current legislation and industry regulations.

Because we employ strict inspections and criteria for our equipment maintenance, our measures often exceed established standards. Ameritest recognizes that proper investment in the preventive and consistent care and upkeep of both property and assets is essential, and assures our customers of continued success and peace of mind as a result.

HSE processes are directed through a variety of methods, in accordance with company standards and systems, while conforming to all applicable government guidelines. Ameritest employs mandatory and additional HSE training, regular and extensive reporting programs, combined with top-notch safety and production equipment and a demonstrated track record of quality performance.



Safety is a core value at Ameritest and its importance is never underestimated. All employees and everyone present on job sites are responsible for following established safety rules and regulations, and taking proactive measures to ensure a safe, healthy work environment. The wearing and use of appropriate personal protective equipment, participation in training programs, job safety analyses, field safety meetings, prompt reporting of any potential hazards and issues, management inspections and implementation of emergency response procedures are just some of the ways that the Company adheres to a rigorous Safety regimen.

Ameritest has a history of investment and solid commitment to its people, monitoring and improving their skills to reduce risk of injury. Their dedication, competence and proficiency on the job is vital to the Company’s success, and minimizing the potential of any harm is a top priority. Expert, initial and ongoing training and education is offered in the many aspects of our industry.  We aim to empower and engage all Personnel, and encourage learning, growth and development within the organization whether it’s an entry, mid-level or management position, recognizing that people are our greatest resource.



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