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HSE Policies

Ameritest Inc.'s Health & Safety

Ameritest Inc. has a strong focus on Health, Safety and the Environment, exemplified by our goal to continually improve our year-over-year performance statistics. Our HSE policies are integrated into Company culture at every level, from management to employees and contractors, each with the understanding of their roles and joint obligations. Participation and responsibility are communicated and coordinated amid clear expectations, with accountability a cornerstone of our philosophy.

Safeguarding the health and welfare of our personnel, those with whom we work, and protecting the public is of paramount importance. We are constantly working to ensure proper care and stewardship of the environment in which we are all stakeholders. This duty to respect and protect, while handling and reducing the many and varied risks we may encounter, is fundamental to how we conduct our business.

Ameritest Inc. manages these converging priorities while maintaining a high caliber of service and diligently accomplishing quality work. Throughout, we remain true to distinguished HSE principles and proven practices, which enhance our ability to generate better outcomes for our valued customers.